Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

We are a technology consulting firm with 5+ years of experience in IT. Our team has trained over 1,000 enablement and technology experts and roughly 25,000 Office 365 end users.


Our goal is to make your team more productive and collaborative through a better understanding of technology.


Access the best business pricing and services for Microsoft Products. {E.g. Business premium, Azure licenses, & many more}


Configure and maintain a reliable information architecture with IT implementation and migration from other services.


Increase adoption and make everyone a Microsoft Office 365 power user with interactive training sessions (in-person or remote).


We provide ongoing technical support through our global help desk.

Featured Applications

Office365 offers many different applications that vary depending on the license you sign for. Here are some of our favorite that you should know about!

Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Work with multiple colleagues on a single document in real time, auto-saving, on and offline access, as well as the familiar Microsoft interfaces.


This application will make communicating and collaborating with your colleagues easier than every before. Share documents, have meetings, spread announcements!


Take note taking to a level you never thought possible. Turn handwritten notes to text, markup PDF's, sign documents and easily access it all from your smartphone!


About our Training Sessions

Our training services are unmatched. We will teach your employees to become Office 365 masters. These sessions will drastically change the way you work and operate day to day for your position. We care about you and your ability to use what you are provided. We offer very precise and broad sessions and we don't leave until you are fully prepared to increase productivity.

  • 1

    Analyze Current Services

    We will show you the benefits of Office365, compared to your current programs. This change will save money and time!

  • 2

    Migrate Users

    We will work on the back end to establish a new environment for your employees to rely on everyday, with on username and password.

  • 3

    Train Users

    We will teach your staff the best ways to utilize their new tools and walk them through all the processes of collaboration to improve productivity immensely.

  • 4

    Maintain Your Tech

    You may choose to establish a subscription to our services for 24/7 support for any and all of your technological needs!

Home Services

If Office365 doesn't sound like a necessary tool for your business, but you need assistance with tech in your home, we can also help!

Computer's break and get old. Sometimes you need to go out and get a new one but other times the fix could be simple. We will work with you to determine your needs and provide proper support to resolve whatever the issue may be.

If you're in the market for an upgrade, we can help you find the best system for your needs and make sure you know how to use any and all of the tech already available to you.

Smart Home automation is becoming extremely more attainable every single day. Whether you prefer Apple, Google or Windows etc., we can provide all of the key components with a budget that fits you to get your Smart Home started!

IT Experience

Our team consists of technically experience and inclined individuals who have worked with many different companies in many different environments. We are more than capable to help you with any of your technical questions and needs.





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